Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Cahaba River Piper Interpitive Trail

On Sat. Oct. 2 2011, we visted a hiking trail on the Chabaha River called the Piper Interpitive trail.
This trail is located on Hwy.10 in Bibb County just past the city of West Blocton, just go thru W.Blocton on
Main Street and follow it till you cross the bridge over the Chaba River and top the hill the trail head is to your right. We had an enjoyable hike , came across a turkey eating on the trail but did not have time to turn on the camera to get a shot! The trail easy part of the trail is about 1.5 miles in then it gets a little harder I would consider it a moderate hike from there to the edge of the river. I was hoping there would be one of the trails that branches of would go down to the river but they all ended at an overlook with some nice large rocks to sit and enjoy the veiws. While hiking I came across some old large artifacts from the old mine that was close to the river, it was some old railroad ties, a long pipe which went down to a small side creek, and a large round ,wheel thing that was use for who knows what,and some large timbers that was likely from an old train bridge. The Piper trail is named for the old town of the same name that is no longer there. While you are there you may want to visit the River veiw road which runs parallel with the river and goes about 3 miles into the Cahaba Wildlife Managment Area. Take your canoe and/or your fishing pole. If your able to visit in the middle of May you will get to see the Chaba Lillies that only grow in one other river besides here. Also while you are in the area you might want to visit the old Beehive Furnace just outside of W.Blocton , this is where the coke was made for the steel industry back in the early days. I plan to vist there in a couple of weeks and will blog the trip. 

Friday, September 30, 2011

The two faced cat !

This is Frank and Louie (aka Frankenlouie) he is a two faced cat who lives with his owner in Massachusetts he was born with a birth defect known as Janus. His orginal owner had brought him in to be put down at the age of 2 days old. A vet asked if she could take him home instead of putting him down. Now Frank and Louie has turned 12 years old and has made it into the Genuniss Book of records . Way to go Frank and Louie!!! This just goes to show that you do not give up on the things you care about, and take good care of the ones you love and they will be with you for a long time !!!

B'ham Carmagedon !

I feel sorry for the people who have to drive thru the I-459 - I-65 interchange for the next 11 days ! As of 6pm tonight and for the next 11 days that ramp will be under construction on the North bound ramp. Anyone who has been thru that area during rush hour knows that is a bad place to be ! In California, they had a little thing they called "Carmagedon" it wasn"t nearly as bad as this will be for the poor souls who have to navigate this area.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mexican Wedding Contracts

I heard today about a proposed new marriage contracts in Mexico. It seems that they want newly weds to sign a contract before the wedding . The contract will specify what happens if, at the end of 2 years , the couple decides they are not happy, what happens such as division of property , alimony, and child support. If the couple are in agrement the contract is signed and if at the end of two years they decide its time to part they simply do not renew the contract. It is designed to avoid clogging up the courts, avoid paying for lawyers and the like. I don't see a problem with this concept , after all we have to renew our drivers license, car tags , and business licenses. It will be intresting to see if this proposal is passed in Mexico and to see how it turns out in 2 years !

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Welcome to my Blog !!!

This is my first attempt of a Blog ..... The title means , at  least for me , that I will blog about what I do with my time . I don't live a exciting life but when I do something worthwhile or if I think of something that is intresting I will let everone know